Susan Murray Art

About the Artist Susan Murray

Susan's earliest memories - at the age 2 - are of drawing, particularly horses. To this day they are her passion.

Susan with her Morgan mare Mak N Mischief aka Maggie and her yellow lab Luke

Born in post-WW2 England, she and her mother later immigrated to Ontario Canada to join her Canadian father and lived on her grandparents' farm. It was here that she experienced the rural world of farming and draft horses. Even at the age of two, her mother, much to her horror, would find her out in the pasture with these gentle giants. It is this growing up in rural Ontario that would have a profound effect on her love of animals and the outdoors which is very evident in her paintings.

Susan enjoys working in oils and acrylics because of their vibrant colors and sensualness that lend themselves to her Impressionistic style. She loves to paint Plein Aire (out doors) where the light and color are pure, capturing the mood and moment. which cannot be duplicated with a camera. However when painting animals she does use photographs as reference, which she takes herself, mainly because they do not stay in one position for long unless sleeping.

Susan lives in the historical foothills of the Sierras in California with her husband, three horses, two dogs, three cats and umpteen chickens all of which have appeared her paintings It is here where she loves to hike or ride to the beautiful sites that serve as her subject matter.

Cher aka "Tank", Susan's beautiful Haflinger mare

Susan on her endurance horse

Susan on her ex endurance horse - Windy's Pride aka Buddy. "Buddy has served as a lot of subjects for me to paint".